Lynnette Postuma


Lynnette Postuma is a Landscape Architect in Toronto Canada who is constantly curious about how people interact in public space.

She has had the privilege of working at some of the world’s best Landscape Architecture firms, including West 8 (East Bayside, Queen Quay Blvd, TO Book Garden), Janet Rosenberg + Studio (Guelph Market Square, Downsview Gateways, Rockcliffe Masterplan, Cordova Condos), and Smith Carter - now Architecture 49 (Brandon Hospital, Wabaseemoong School, Waverley West Park, Petawawa Master Plan).

Lynnette is also a Muralist, Designer and Creative Collaborator. The projects featured here are a selection of side projects - outside of her professional career - which relate to various interests in art + design. She is also a mountain biker, downhill skier, cookie baker, and three-time mother.

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